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Thread: Hi This is a very strange rule

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    Infractions and Warnings the new Angelina and Jennifer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    Well if everyone will notice I have posted VERY few picture threads, so not thinking the rules apply to me theory or being a repeat offender is shot all to shit.

    Also, I understand there are rules for a reason, isn't that the case with anything in life? I am just saying, an infraction for posting a picture without warning to post the source is just a little extreme.
    That's just my opinion though.
    Huh? I wasn't accusing you of anything. As for stepping down as a mod because of being frustrated, been there, done that.

    As for the one-name vs two names "dilemma":

    As SVZ said, there are celebrities who are known by only one name: Bowie, Madonna, Sinatra, Cher etc. Those are their stage names and there is no need to include their last names. Britney is NOT Britney Spears' public stage name; therefore, she is known by her full name, unlike Madonna. On legal documents however, Madonna is likely referred to by her full name.

    As a journalist/writer/copy editor I probably take this stuff more seriously than most people, which is why I realized that if I want these kind of rules to be enforced, I have to do it on my own website/blog, which is what I am doing.
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    ^ No, problem.

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