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    I'm saying hello , which I usually never do in forums- I'm one of those peeps who'll suddenly pop up making comments left, right and centre, with no introductions. I'm rude like that:-)

    Anyway, I'm here - as I'm sure most of you are- because I love me some gossip. Not malicious or harmful, I just like to know whats really going down. The PR-ruled, airbrushed tyranny in the entertainment industry has had its way for far too long- long live Dlisted, The Awful Truth (who doesn't love a Blind Item?), Crazydaysandnights, and now, Gossip Rocks!

    I must say though, sometimes, the truth is a hard pill to pop- Will Smith and violent gay sex? Just how deep is that Hollywood closet? (VERY), MP and Herpes (Damn) and a ton of others. Sobering stuff.

    The ultimate mystery, however, is this: what IS the deal with Tom Cruise? I'd love to know that, but I doubt it'll ever come to light. For that, in an odd way, I have to say I respect the Cruisester for keeping a tight ship...

    The rest? May the dirt continue to fall (need a falling compost emoticon, at this point!)


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    Welcome, you sound like you love gossip so will fit in fine

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