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Thread: Top o' the morning to ye

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    Default Top o' the morning to ye

    good morning fellow gossip addicts. What on earth was I spending my time with before I happened upon this website? Im hoping the excessive scouring through Blind Items soon wears off and I leave the house again soon! Is any of this normal?!

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    You have an addiction to gossip, you are in good company


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    Welcome, Tiptop!

    Please help with the blinds! I can never figure any of them out!!!

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    Thanks a LOT!! The title of your thread flooded back memories of an old BF. That's his line. I will forgive you....

    I'm right there with ya. Can't get enough. My husband is worried about me. Good thing I have eight hours a day to sit at my desk and chat it up and he will NEVER know!
    It's Lyndee Bitch....

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