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    OK so my name is Leslie and I love celeb gossip. Born in DC but raised in Northern VA my whole life. Went to college at Virginia Tech and loved all 5.5 years of it!!! I wish I was back in Blacksburg, the real world is lame... I work for the gov't like most of the people in this area and its alright. Ever since I was younger, I'd say about 7, my mom has been getting People magazine subscriptions. From then on I was obsessed with everything about celebs. About 2 years ago I started going on the blogs and they just blew up. There are so many out there its insane, but fabulous because it proves that I'm not the only one obsessed. Glad I found this spot and hope to chat with you all.

    Oh and I have a 1.5 yr old beagle named Fin, he's awesome.

    That is all.

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    I'd love to see your dog

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