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Thread: "New"?

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    Default "New"?

    Not really, I was over on APS, and then bluelaundry, and then the initial gossiprocks, but I never posted a "newbie" post, so I figure I'll do it now.

    Basic info:

    I'm 23, female, and living in a little southern Caribbean island, where I work as a computer consultant. I've got 3 dogs, two cats and some fish, and I'm still living with/leeching off my 'rents.

    I've got 2 younger sisters, who are currently away at school.


    I like programming, reading, and of course, GOSSIPING ABOUT CELEBRITIES.

    Political leanings:

    I'm socially liberal and economically conservative, not that that means much where I am now...both parties down here are equally corrupt and disgusting. You guys have it good up in North America...Repugs don't have *anything* on us down here.

    That's it for's going to take me forever to get my post count up again, because I don't post that much. Oh well...slow and steady wins the race, they say.


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    Well, welcome anyway, even if you aren't "new"!

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    Hello there. I'm another one that's not exactly new, I was mostly a lurker over at APS, I only posted once in a great while, I usually regretted doing so because of the way everything got twisted. I've lurked here since the "big split" just to see how things went and have been glad to see that it's much more civil here. Let's hope it lasts, these sites are saving me tons of money since I don't need my trash mags anymore!

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    Howdy Doody!

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