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Thread: Hi from Bulgaria

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    Default Hi from Bulgaria

    Hey ppl.
    As you might notice I am new here so i thought i'd stop by and say "hello"
    My name is Justin Barley and i am originally from the UK
    but i'm living in Bulgaria since 2004
    At the moment i am a freelancing journalist and SEO
    If any of you have any questions - feel free to ask.
    I will gladly answer all you want to know.

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    Welcome Justin

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    Justin, I have questions--many questions.

    If we can assemble enough money, we plan to visit Bulgaria next fall with an eye on investing in a property to live in. Possibly Varna?

    What are the caveats for buying in Bulgaria for a non-EU citizen with limited funds? (we read Cyrillic, sort of). Is it possible for a non-Bulgarian to buy property outright, title, deed and all? Having a title means real ownership?
    I'm not a ninny about corruption--I know what it entails--I just don't want some backwater country seizing my house on some technicality and selling it to the local drug dealer....

    I am out_of_the_US in the next five years. Bulgaria is high on my list for a dozen reasons.

    Just looking to escape the US for a small life in a small country with a decent climate. (we have friends in Bulgaria too)

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    Hey azoria,
    You can buy a property and be the real owner...
    at least i have bought an apartment in Varna and now i am the owner... Hmmm about corruption - there is a lot. Most of the government bureaucratic stuff can`t go on or take a lot of time if there isn`t some money (or favor) given "under the table".
    i will give you the link of a forum i've been looking at ... it helped me a lot but the best thing is to come and see for yourself and check with your friends - how did they buy their own properties (through an agency or from the owners)
    it's a long conversation we're opening here
    check out the forum -> Overseas Property Investment Forum
    there you should find some answers

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