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Thread: I am a "newbie" here ....

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    Default I am a "newbie" here ....

    Hello everyone,
    I am just doing some research on Gale Harold as I'm interested in reading all about this amazing actor (al least in my eyes). So by chance I came to gossiprocks ... regarding a post about him. Thought I can get a peek on this photo when he was a teenager, but regretfully it's removed.
    I am from Germany, my name is Mela (short from Michaela) I always loved the american way of life, all the different slangs (most of them I barely understand ... LOL) and love to talk english as good as I can. BTW have some friends over there in Boston, MS (my former schoolmate) and up in Otisville, MI (an american guy who was two years in the army here in Germany back in the 80's) So far I never visited them as I am freaking scared to fly.
    I love to watch american TV series of movies in original language. Sometimes I realize the translation is not right and falsifies the meaning.
    Well, guess that's it for today. Wish you all a great weekend.
    Take care,

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    Welcome Mela!

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