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Thread: Hello from the Isle of Man

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    Wink Hello from the Isle of Man

    Greetings all,

    Wonder if I am the first member from the Isle of Man!!! Well whatever, I get bored rigid over here, there is nothing happening except a load of alcholics clinging to a rock, and as a non drinker I just spend loads of time online, and its nice to have a forum about Celeb gossip as there is nothing better (does that make me a bit sad).

    I do tend to be a bit outspoken and am not scared to voice my opinion so am looking forward to visiting this site regularly. Currently my favorite ppl for gossip are the disgusting Katie Price, and her underthethumb husband Alex, I loathe and detest her with a passion, and love to read stuff about her despite the fact that it may or may not be true, and the more scandalous and nasty the better, but thats just my opinion, and having really, really tried to see good in the woman, no matter what I just cant.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading all the back posts on here, should make for an afternoons good reading and much cheaper than buying the weekly gossip mags, which in fact I do, and just never seem to get round to reading the things, I have boxes of em going back 4 or more years, and in fact have started using the really old ones as lining for my cat litter tray!!!!

    So, cant wait to get stuck in.

    Rhiannon xxxxx

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    Welcome! My ancestors are from the Isle.
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    Hey there Rhiannon! Nice to see the Manx contingent making a showing! My dear old dad is from Douglas and IoM is one of my favourite places to visit. Pity that you're a non-drinker cos I would have asked you to have a few in the Gluepot for me! BTW, love your name - Rhiannon is also one of my dad's all time favourite songs.

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    its nice to meet you, but that pink font is really hard to read.
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    Welcome to the board!

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    Welcome! Nice introduction!
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    You might want to give the whole drinking thing a try, just saying.

    Welcome aboard!

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