Greetings everyone. My friends call me E. I am a young Communist -- I prefer not to classify myself as any particular type of Communist. I admire Tito, Marx, Lenin, Mao and Che... I pretty much hate any form of Communism that advocates excessive force and oppression (hence my relating to Anarcho-Communists/Leftists).... I'm probably more on the Trotsky side than the Stalin side.... I like to think of myself as a mixture of traditional Marxism with a system of progression into Communism similar to what Lenin did and a Communist system similar to what Marshall Tito had (which was independent from both Mao and the USSR).

I reside in USA, but am originally from the north east of the USA. I play in a band & love Japanese techno music and reading the great classics. looks like the cool crowd is here. So I thought I sign up.

Chow !