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Thread: What was / would be your Wedding Song?

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    Let me be on a mission to your heart
    On a journey to your soul - let me be

    Let me be dedicated to your needs
    silent when you breathe - let me be

    I cried the first time I heard this song, it was so beautiful!
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    We danced to It's a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. It's sweet and happy and we both love it.
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    Our wedding song was You're The Inspiration by Chicago. I'm not a big Chicago fan, but the lyrics are nice.
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    Beyond the Sea, Hubby loves sailing and I thought he would like that. 17 years late I am still annoyed that he doesn't recognise and appreciate it ...
    My first choice: Prince (there comes a time in everyone life, Got a solid NO then 'You are till the one', since we were long distance for years and everybody thought we were doomed... He was like:'isnt this country'
    We are still together but obviously not for the music...
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    Barry Manilow - Can't smile without you. I love this song and it will be on my wedding 100%
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