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Thread: What song makes you wanna dance?

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    shakira la tortura
    great song and video!!

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    Micheal jackson beat it makes me want to dance ( whilst alone in my house)

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    Old school Madonna-anything from the Erotica era.

    Anything by Prodigy. Also love industrial tunes-Rob Zombie's Living Dead Girl springs to mind.

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    Dancing Queen- ABBA
    YMCA - The Village People
    Celebration - Kool & the Gang
    Let’s Go - Wang Chung
    Let’s Get Loud - JLo
    Vibeology - Paula Abdul
    Pretty Vegas - INXS
    Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani
    Shake Your Bon Bon - Ricky Martin
    Beat It - Michael Jackson
    Young Turks - Rod Stewart
    Holiday - Madonna
    Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
    Willenium and Miami - Wil Smith
    Good Vibrations - Mark Wahlberg
    1999 - Prince
    Loveshack - B52s
    Mony, Mony - Billy Idol
    I Don’t Feel Like Dancing - Scissor Sisters

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    Sweet Down Under!


    ^^I forgot about Let's Get Loud. I like that one too.

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    Default Lots of "makes you clean in fast motion" songs

    ONLY READ THIS IF YOU ARE INTO EURO-DANCE (It can be FULL-ON SCARY to Americans) !!! I used to live in Europe... and therefore LOVE Euro-Dance type songs. Some of my fondest memories are from 1995... dancing in a disco til wee morning hours. My fav song from 1995 was "Sex on the phone" by E - Rotic. OK... you're probably already laughing. Just hang in there... these songs will make you want to clean your house in super speed or do anything else!!! Here's a boring ol' list w/some links to videos so you can test em' out. Enjoy, if you've gotten this far through my boring stuff! Sex on the Phone Seven Nights Vill Du Bli Min Fru When I Think of You Turbo Polka Find Another Way I Don't Know Fly With You

    That's it for now... please don't crucify me. I love this stuff... it totally takes me back to every disco I've ever been to from 1995 to 2006. (None so far in 2007, hopefully to change soon!)

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