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Thread: So, people actually like Kelly Clarkson's 'music'?

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    I liked how she sang Miss Independent. She has talent, but her angry ass always screeching is getting old. She has to realize she is not Joan Jett and move on. Damn AI for sending the junk to my ears.

    I stopped listening to the radio several years ago because it has become a landfill. When Lavagina (Avril), Chestica, Asslee, Twitney, and XXXtina were all over the place, I knew it was time to bail. Christina can actually sing, but hearing trashy lyrics for 5 minutes isn't my deal.

    CD and the Ipod are saving graces.

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    Now Avril's first album was good. It's just now she's a trampish wonder.

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    Kelly's Breakaway album was absolutely fantastic and she's a good singer.

    As for Jessica - she has an amazing voice, she's just a rubbish singer with shitty technique.

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    the new one is growing on me .. but almost every girl rocks out to her old songs.. they r like girl power anthems .. as cheesy as it may be .. luuuuuuuuuuuv it

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    ^^Yes, the girl power anthem feel bugs me. It's music targeted to teeny boppers and she's just so much more talented than that. The music itself is a little boring, completely generic sound suited to the likes of Hilary Duff/Lindsay Lohan/Avril Lavigne type singers. Which is such a waste of her voice.

    She should get together with more established songwriters who can help her develop a strong, individual interesting sound. She's got a phenomenal voice, she might as well showcase it with equally stunning, high quality music.

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