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Thread: New Michael Jackson song leaks early

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    True, but he did have some good songs after Quincy. They just didn't have the same impact, though.

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    I dont think the song is meant to be this blockbuster track. When you watch the end of the This is it movie you will see why Sony chose it because they show footage of his funeral at the end. The songs he worked on with Ne-Yo, Will i am and R Kelly will be on the new albums.

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    Default Michael Jacksonís New Song Is Actually Old And Co-Written By Paul Anka

    JAMON. JAMON. JEEWKNOW. JEEWKNOW. In news that is surprising to no-one, Michael Jacksonís last recorded song is apparently an attempt to cash in from twenty or so years ago. And it was co-written by Paul Anka. And given to a freestyle singer named Sa-Fire. Yes, thatís right. We canít have any Michael Jackson news that isnít intrinsically weird.
    This Is It, the song thatís already tearing up the billboard charts, heralded as Michael Jacksonís triumphant return to form, is actually from years and years ago. It was written in 1983 by Paul Anka and Michael Jackson, answering the question, how many people does it take to write a hit for Michael Jackson? It takes 26 years. It was recorded in 1991 by Saffire, and actually has Michael Jackson singing on the background vocals. The only problem is, Paul Anka didnít get a writing credit. So he will probably be pressing charges soon.
    I donít know, I donít think the song is that great. The fact that itís been released almost twice before makes me sad. Michael Jackson was capable of putting out much better material. He does all he can with the songs, but without big-name collaborators like Quincy Jones, I think heís missing something. But people will eat it up.

    Michael Jackson’s New Song Is Actually Old And Co-Written By Paul Anka | Manolith

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