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Thread: Natalie Portman stars in boyfriend Devendra Banhartís Bollywood-inspired music video

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    It was cute. Her boyfriend is so hot!!!
    "Give me your love and I'll give you--the Perfect Love Song!"

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    i liked it. but im a sucker for long haired hippie looking guys.

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    Default Bollywood inspired music video - but is 'inspired' really the right word??

    I can hardly wait for the DJ extended remix club dance version!! Come on Samantha Ronson - if you're reading this then put Lindsay down for a sec and get to work! Once it's done, you and Lin can star in the vid of your version (Lindsita & Ronson pubes - look out world!)!!

    Let us not forget our snappy Bollywood dance ensemble >

    Seriously though, how soon do you think that the parody videos of this are gonna start appearing on youtube???

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