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Thread: Madonna's "Hard Candy" album cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    Sorta been there done that?

    UGH, yeah, im sure little Socko or Mombasa or whatever you call your wal-mart child purchase is really gonna wanna see THAT shit on the interweb someday
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    Sorta been there done that?

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsMarsters View Post
    She was such a whore.
    ^ & ^^

    Yep, she still is, except now she's an old whore. And since she's repeating
    herself, I'm guessing the next move will be yet another children's
    book, for which she'll revisit her English church lady incarnation
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    Ick. Madonna is so embarrassing! She's like your gran trying to act all 'hip' and cool around your friends!

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    I'm not going to quote that pic of her in that ridiculous get-up with her boobs exposed and her finger in the hooha, because it makes me want to gag, but seriously - what the hell would you think if you were her kid and saw that? I know my mother is her own person, but shit, I would vomit up my intestines if I saw a pic of her like that.

    Lola and Rocco will probably flip through her Sex book one day and be traumatized.
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    Fug. Seen her face lately? It looks like she's over done with plastic surgery. Something looks so odd about her face.
    "Fashion is an art, but individuality is the key"

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    ^Oh yeah! She should have skipped the new cheek implants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs.K View Post
    I love it!!... love the fact that she remains the same... if she still got it, she sho can flaunt it... go material girl go!!...
    Exactly. Just because most others her age have let themselves go, doesn't mean she should and go frumpy on us.

    It seems that it's okay for younger people to dress slutty (Kim K, Rihanna, etc) but when they get past a certain age, suddenly they must dress like nuns. Why can't all ages dress in a classy manner?
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