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Thread: Lady Gaga: New album 'finished'

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    Thanks for the links, watched them all.

    Verdict: she has some voice (in the ballad, in the others you can't really detect it) Christopher Walken is GOD, (first I opened both links at the same time so I had a Walken/Cartman meshup) and I checked the original Pokerface song, not surprised I haven't heard it, it's not my kind of music but not bad at all. And the colours in that video are just stunning. Average club music mixed with eyecatching imagery, great marketing. Thanks again!

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    My boyfriend doesn't really like her, not his style of music (but he is in awe of her marketing and the phenomenon she has become). He got in the car one day and I had been listening to Fame Monster, and Speechless was playing. At some point he asked who it was because he liked the song and when I told him he said "Why can't all her music be like this? She's actually talented". It doesn't sell, that's why.

    Also, I like her music a lot, but I cannot STAND Poker Face. At least not in the album form. She did it as a ballad when I saw her live, just her and the piano, and it was great.

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    I was just listening to Speechless and her piano version of Poker Face, and she's actually talented. I don't think she's just another pop singer - like Keisha.

    But as NoDayButToday posted - the ballads won't sell or get people's attention.

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