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Thread: Keith Richards says 'Sgt. Pepper' was 'rubbish'

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    Sgt. Peppers was the first album made in stereo on a four track, daisy chained so as to essentially make it a 16 or 32 track.

    Also Paul has said in a million interviews that Sgt Peppers was a concept made about a fictional band and the songs they would write and perform as such. Pretty much go to any Beatles page about Sgt Peppers and you'll read that, it's widely known. This album was their answer to Pet Sounds (which also had a theme to it but wasn't quite the same as a concept album).
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    i love the stones and the beatles too but i don't connect with them the way i did when i first listened to dylan and 'pet sounds'. my mind was blown lol

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    Good for you for being able to narrow it down to 3. I couldn't. Too much to choose from. And my taste Is all over the place. Especially as during the 60s people like Coltrane and Miles Davis were putting out some of their best stuff too, plus all the great Motown soul like Otis and Sam Cooke. I want all the music dammit lol
    i guess i should say best rock/pop albums of the 60s, i guess in my personal pantheons i put jazz and blues in different categories. you're right about otis though, he'd be in my top 5 for sure.
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    I just watched Simon and Garfunkle in the 1981 Central Park concert. I remember my mom taping this when it was live. I love the Sound of Silence.
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    I don't like that live show album at all, even though I love most of the songs and I'm big on live albums in general.
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    Central Park S&G concert is like a Bible to me..i know all songs and never really stopped listening to it..I am recently playing OLD FRIENDS..for my own reasons..Long ago it must be,i have a photograph..preserve your memories,its all that,s left you..
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    I hate the Beach Boys my mom made sure of that. I think she whispered in my ear as a kid or something but I love the Beatles and the Stones. Both band had their highs and lows but you can find great even in the lows. Rubber Soul is probably my favorite Beatles album but I do love Sgt. Peppers as well. Hell super unpopular opinion but I loved the damn movie with Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees.
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