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Thread: Find the Hidden Bands

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    ^^most of those were mentioned also before^^^

    The Dead Kennedys - two pics on the wall between Seal (by the White Zombie dude) and Madonna on the left hand side.
    B-52's flying in the sky with the "Led" Zepplin

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    Default Re: Find the Hidden Bands

    Ap0k and I sat here forever staring at this. I think we are both blind now!!!
    Here is what we found:

    1.Petshop Boys (Lower Left)
    2.The Pixies (Middle Left)
    3.The Eagles (Upper Right)
    4.The Gorillaz (Top Right)
    5.Smashing Pumpkins (Lower Right)
    6.Matchbox 20 (Lower Right)
    7.Scissor Sisters (Middle Bottom)
    8.Queen (Middle Bottom)
    9.Led Zepplin (Middle Top)
    10.Guns and Roses (Bottom Left)
    11.Madonna (Middle Left-pic in 2nd Window)
    12.Black Flag (Center Right)
    13.White Snake (Center Left)
    14.The EEls (Center Bottom-In front of queen)
    15.Cake (Bottom Left)
    16.The Rolling Stones (Center)
    17.The Cars (Center)
    18.b-52's (Center TOP)
    19.Garbage (CENTER)
    20.Beach Boys (Center Right)
    21.White Zombie (Center Left)
    22.U2 (center right written on building)
    23.Blur (Bottom Right-blurry guy)
    24.Red Hot Chili Peppers (Bottom right in cart)
    25.Prince (Bottom Center)
    26.Iron Maiden (Center)
    27.Radiohead (center)
    28.Dead Kennedy's (Center Left-pics on wall)
    29.Kiss(center-people kissing)
    30.The Police (center)
    31.Alice In Chains (Center Right)
    32.Phish (Bottom right)
    33.50Cent (Lower Left)
    34.The Killers (Center)
    35.Ratt (Center)
    36.Talking Heads (Middle center-on tv's)
    37.Nine-Inch Nails (bottom center)
    38.Eminem (Center Bottom)
    39.Bush (Bottom left)
    40.Blind Melon (Bottom Right)
    41.Cowboy Junkies (Center Right)
    42.Hole (Center Right)
    43.Lemonheads (Bottom Right in cart)
    44.Jewel (Botton right in jewel box)
    45.Black Crows (Center right -on street sign)
    46. The White Stripes (Center)
    47.Skinny Puppy (Bottom left)
    48.Sex Pistols (Bottom center -queens guns)
    49.Korn (Lower right in cart)???
    50.Seal (Center Left-poster)
    51.Twisted Sister (center)???
    52.The Trees (Center top)
    53.Spoon (center right)
    54.Cornershop (center left)
    55.Train (on Queen's dress)???
    56.The Subways (Middle Right)
    57.Green Day (On the calendar)
    58.Yellowman (center left)???
    59.Pavement (all over center)

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    Default Re: Find the Hidden Bands

    Dinasaur Jr.
    What's the blonde chick with the pink bubble gum bubble? What I feel like doing at work every day.

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    Default Re: Find the Hidden Bands

    Green day on the newspaper bottom right??
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