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Thread: Dude singers that sound like ladies

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    aaaawl :-( u mad boopie?


    Justin sounds like a lil girl being "tampered" with
    & not a single fuck was given...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenna View Post
    Darren Hayes formerly of Savage Garden.
    And what a misnomer of a band name.

    There's nothing "Savage" about their lyrics, and their sound is no "Garden" party.

    If I ever have to listen to that "lay you down in the sea" song again, I will personally kick the shins of all of their dads for siring those idiots.
    "In the face of the blinding sun, I wake only to find
    that Heaven is a stranger place than than one I've left behind." - SM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sm0kah0ntas View Post
    Justin sounds like a lil girl being "tampered" with

    Thank you for that mental image!

    Show us on the doll where the Bad Man touched you Justin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenna View Post
    Easy, killer It was a statement made without prejudice. I didn't say I didn't like Darren Hayes' singing- I actually do- but he does have a girly voice. You really don't think so?
    Yep. I meant that the above comment made me angry in regards to the fact that he DOES sound like a woman, and that it's a shame because I used to like their music!
    So it wasn't angry at your statement, you brought up a very good one.

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    I've got a good one: Neil Sedaka! There are songs I've heard for years that I thought had a woman singer and thanks to XM radio I now know they were sung by him. There was one song that came on that I thought was Karen Carpenter singing but it was Neil Sedaka! It was called Laughter in the Rain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophieOrangeBerry View Post
    The guy from maroon 5. AGH! Can not stand that guy! He can't even do it properly and sounds terrible live!


    I like one or two Maroon 5 songs but Adam Levine's voice nearly ruins it for me.

    Mika's irritating too.

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