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Thread: Classic Disney soundtrack songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by bychance View Post
    This thread is Disney pure
    No such thing. Disney has been churning out little teen whores for decades now ...

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    Starting with that Annette Funicello tramp.

    *flees thread*
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    That reminds me of this

    Annette Funicello at Spectropop

    When the entertainment executives first approached Walt Disney with new ideas for Annette, he became overly protective of his young star and always refused all film offers. But all that changed when the president of International American Pictures met with Walt Disney and showed him the Beach Party script. Disney enthusiastically responded to Annette that "the script was wonderful. It was good clean fun!" "But I have a request to make," Disney told Annette. "I know that all the girls in these movies will be wearing bikinis, but you have an image to uphold. I'd appreciate it if you wore something a little less revealing." Following the bosses order, Annette stuck to a one piece bathing suit, and always played the good girl on the beach. She was strictly Frankie's girl, and if he wasn't willing to commit then Annette was not interested in anything sexual.
    Quote Originally Posted by burnt_toast View Post
    No such thing. Disney has been churning out little teen whores for decades now ...
    Why do they got to be whores?

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