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Thread: The cheesiest music videos ever

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    This video is so cheesy that it looks like a parody now. Renee and Renato from 1982.

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    I love just about every song and vid posted here, even the David Bowie/Mick Jagger idiocy. My sister and I watch it damn near every time we get on a youtube kick. Mainly because we just want to see David Bowie snarling that lip.

    And Safety Dance? Oh yeah, my fat ass starts rocking out every time. My daughter just's hilarious. Especially if I hear it in the grocery store or something.

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    Wonderful song, BAD video. "Don't Look Any Further" Dennis Edwards

    Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further 256kb/s - YouTube
    It looks like they are in a video booth at the mall singing to someone elses music.

    I can agree about the Mick Jagger & David Bowie "Dancing In The Streets" The dancing, clothes, and singing was all cheesy.
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    This one has pretty much every cheesy 80's cliche rolled into one video.


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