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Thread: Britney Spears - Work Bitch

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    It's a workout song for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by DeChayz View Post
    Why is she British again?
    I thought that too.

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    I just watched the video and I'm about to get all overexcited fangirl retarded. I love it! I love the song and the video is amazing. Britters is actually doing work! She's moving and dancing! I've been waiting all these years to get the old Britney back....maybe there's hope after all.

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    I hate the song, but I have to say that is the most I've seen Britters move and look alive in years. Not up to her past standards, but still a huge improvement. You go girl.
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    She does look present for a change, but the vid looks like a cross between a commercial for her perfume and a car. And it's just so disjointed. I don't want to hate on her, because she's come a long way, but it just seems like a mash up of clichés she and everyone else has done before.
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    I kind of miss when she was sweet and stuff. "Sometimes I run; sometimes I hide..." I'm no biddie, but I'm a little tired of the "just say the word 'bitch' and repeat some brand names over and over into the microphone" stuff. I like Britney's sweet stuff and I like her sexy stuff (I mean, it's a guilty pleasure 'like'), but this I just find boring.
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    Go call the guvunaaah!

    Still love it.
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