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Thread: Amy Winehouse at Mercury Awards Sep 2007

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    I think she sucks. Her voice grates on my nerves. She can't keep a constant tone, it's up an down, then whines and draws out the words. I don't see the hype over her. I think she has promise but to say she's as good as the old school soul singers is a disrespect to the ladies of the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HWBL View Post
    ^Absolutely. She doesn't have the most beautiful voice
    that ever was, but in her best live performances she is
    in total control. She also understands music, meaning that
    she's not just hacking up lyrics, but she totally feels them,
    she totally emotes them. Her timing and interpretation of
    especially the song during her Mercury Awards appearance
    are of a rare beauty. I think it's safe to say that of her
    age group, she's the best interpretive singer, hands down.
    Absolutely! It's hard to believe she just turned 24.

    She gets to me the most on "Wake Up Alone" and "Love is a Losing Game."

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    i've always said that i though Amy was amazing and i meant it.
    "I'll probably just end up in some seedy bar with some seedy blonde"-some random Englishman

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