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Thread: Top 10 hand-me-down pop songs

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    Default Top 10 hand-me-down pop songs

    10 "Disturbia"
    (From Chris Brown to Rihanna)
    Brown wrote this song for a rerelease of his 'Exclusive' album. Then Rihanna heard it, and when Brown agreed that it would work better as a female-oriented song, she took it -- to No. 1. In light of recent events, perhaps Brown's allowing his girlfriend to have 'Disturbia' was a hint that he might have a hidden dark side.


    9. "Toxic"
    (From Kylie Minogue to Britney Spears)
    When offered first dibs, Minogue declined. She's probably still sore from kicking herself when 'Toxic' debuted in the U.K. at No. 1 the same week that she entered the chart four spots behind with the less memorable 'Red Blooded Woman.


    8. "Miss Independent"
    (From Destiny's Child to Christina Aguilera to Kelly Clarkson)
    When Destiny's Child refused 'Miss Independent,' producer Rhett Lawrence brought it to Aguilera, who had a go at it but gave it up. It then fell into the lap of Clarkson, who turned it into a smash. Aguilera was naturally miffed about letting the song slip away, but she admitted that Clarkson nailed it.

    7. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
    (From Celine Dion to Aerosmith)
    What could Aerosmith possibly have in common with Dion, aside from big hair? The raucous rockers took this schmaltzy Diane Warren tune -- originally intended for the big-voiced pop balladeer -- and turned it into gold. Ten years after they hit big with 'Dude Looks Like a Lady,' they were singing like one themselves.

    6. "Halo"
    (From Leona Lewis to Beyonce)
    Simon Cowell takes Lewis' career so seriously that the 'Idol' curmudgeon had this song composed expressly for his protegee. However, Lewis was too busy to record 'Halo,' so it wound up in the hands of Beyonce. Cowell was surely less than his usual jolly self when Beyonce hit big with it.

    5. "Rock Your Body"
    (From Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake)
    Superstar producers the Neptunes created this track for Michael Jackson's comeback album, 'Invincible,' but it didn't make the cut. Instead, Timberlake snared it and took it to the Top 5. Ironically, this was the song JT performed with Janet Jackson at Super Bowl XXXVIII during her infamous wardrobe malfunction.

    4. Since U Been Gone"
    (From Pink to Hilary Duff to Kelly Clarkson)
    Clarkson was America's first 'American Idol,' but she was third in line for this song. After Pink and Duff both gave it the thumbs down, Clarkson scooped it up and landed a No. 2 smash, proving she had staying power beyond reality TV.

    3. "Gold Digger"
    (From Shawnna to Kanye West)
    West originally created 'Gold Digger' for hip-hop hopeful Shawnna's solo debut, but she rejected it. West reworked the lyrics for himself and then took 'Gold' platinum. Meanwhile, the only precious metal Shawnna's been rocking lately is her tin ear.

    Who the hell is Shawnna?

    2. "Baby One More Time"
    (From TLC to Britney Spears)
    TLC were way too grown for teen pop when they were offered this song, opting for mature tracks like 'Waterfalls' instead. 'One More Time' became a career rocket-launcher for Spears, and it midwifed the rebirth of bubblegum. Chalk up another one for Britney!

    1. Umbrella
    (From Britney Spears to Rihanna)
    Spears' streak ended when her label's execs stopped accepting songs for her album. The heavens opened instead for Rihanna, who made 'Umbrella' the biggest single in the world. It's one of three trash-picked tracks she has taken to No. 1, along with 'S.O.S' (passed on by Christina Milian) and 'Disturbia.

    Source: Top 10 Hand-Me-Down Pop Songs - AOL Music Canada

    ohnotheydidnt: Top 10 Hand-me-down Pop Songzzz
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    That's interesting, didn't know about most of these hand-me-downs. I only really like I don't wanna miss a thing and Baby one more time.

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    I am confused. I thought these people said they wrote their own songs?

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    call me naive but i was always under the impression that Kelly Clarkson did her own song writing...
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    I can't imagine Celine singing "I don't want to miss a thing" nor do I want to

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    ^^ Hee hee. Me neither!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    I can't imagine Celine singing "I don't want to miss a thing" nor do I want to
    I can imagine it...

    .... and I don't want to!

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    Top ten hand me down pop songs of just the last few years might be more like it.
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    "Smooth" by Santana/Rob Thomas almost went to George Michael, but at the last minute Santana told Rob Thomas that he wanted him to sing it since the song was about Rob's wife. I wonder what would have happened to George Michael's career if he had sung it. It could have been his big comeback song and I think he would have done well with it. That being said, I'm glad that RT did sing it because that song made me a big fan of his.

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    The song was originally titled "Hit Me Baby One More Time", but it was revised to "...Baby One More Time" since Jive Records executives were concerned that the song would condone domestic violence.

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