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Thread: Rock's biggest sellouts

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    Talking Rock's biggest sellouts

    Rock's Biggest Sellouts - GetBack

    I was watching TV last night when a Viagra ad came on. Elvis Presley's tune "Viva Las Vegas" had been replaced with an Elvis impersonator singing "Viva Viagra." It hurt and not because I'm in need of medication. It was almost as bad as that crappy Toyota ad with the bad cover version of the Fixx's "Saved By Zero."

    I'll be the first to admit that it's tough being in the music biz. Songwriters, singers, and bands are all finding fewer and fewer ways to get their music heard. Big corporations have a virtual lockdown on outlets for new releases. Wanna get your CD in a record store? Talk to Wal-Mart. Wanna get played on the radio? Try getting the attention of Clear Channel.

    You won't have much luck unless you're one of a handful of musicians who have superstar status. U2, Coldplay, Taylor Swift are allowed entry. Everyone else? Well see you busking at the subway station. I'll be sure to throw a few bucks in your case because I care.

    For these reasons and so many more, you can't blame artists for taking every slim opportunity to get their songs and themselves heard. Getting played in a commercial or promoting a product is often the best way. I don't begrudge Feist, Propellerheads, Yael Nam, or any hipster indie artist who's provided a soundtrack to the latest Apple commercial to any of the money thats come their way. Get on all the iPods you can.

    But there's a line to be drawn. It's the difference between needed exposure and greed. It's the distinction between looking for a break and forgetting to say good-bye. Some songs don't need to be played anymore. Anywhere. Some music and musicians are such a part of the air we breathe that NO ONE needs any reminders. More importantly, the writers and performers of these songs have enough money. They can't cry poverty, and they can't cry lack of exposure. There is no excuse. They are just serial sellouts, often with embarrassingly bad taste in the products they choose to hawk.

    Here are the biggest sellouts in rock. Want proof? Click on the images, see the offending ads, then tell me I'm wrong.

    What's an over-the-hill prince of darkness to do once he's no longer selling records? Plug cell phones and video games. I'm sure Sharon made him do it. She has a lifestyle to maintain, ya know?

    The Who's songwriter and guitarist will sell his songs to anybody. ANYBODY. TVs CSI, Hummer ads, insurance ads, Nissan ads. Pete has no shame, and he'll be the first to tell you.

    Another Metamusel metalhead who has chosen to pitch everything from Bridgestone tires, to office supplies, to hotels. Plus, he's got some sports bar in Phoenix that serves "Nightmare" nachos and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Chipotle Chicken Pasta. I'm not kidding.

    I think I'd rather see Zep tour without Robert Plant than hear "Rock and Roll" in a Cadillac ad. At least they could have picked a cool car by a company that isn't about to go belly up.

    The granddaddy of all rock sellouts. His "Like A Rock" Chevy ad has been around so long, I cant even remember when it was actually a song from an album.

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    i dont think they are sellouts, they've got to make a living, and for most of them, who's going to pay to see Ozzy in concert now? he couldn't do it.
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    I find that picture of Led Zeppelin personally devastating (leaves to cry in corner).

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    They all sucked anyway.

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    Ozzy can suckmy nonexistent left nut; Black Sabbath is it with Tony Iommi.

    Fucking Led Zeppelin has some great guitar (thank you black blues musicians) but the lyrics come straight out of a retarded fucking D&D game.

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    ^^ yeah, but the key to that great guitar sound was production. taking multiple guitar tracks- as many as 10 different ones, like on Whole Lotta Love- and laying them on top of each other for the record.

    Gives a sound that can't ever be reproduced live....which was Zep's stumbling point.

    I didn't spend my childhood at the Record Plant surrounded by drug addled musicians without picking up a trick or two

    But my real comment is- How come the biggest sellout ever- Sting- didn't make the list?
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