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Thread: Mariah Carey - I'm Still in Love With You - music video

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    Default Mariah Carey - I'm Still in Love With You - music video


    Good morning and if you're watching this video, then good night too! It's Mimi's new video for "I'm Still In Love With You" and I think this shit was paid for by Mr. Sandman
    It's typical Mimi: she puts perfume in her chichis and walks around all horny while dressed like a truck-stop hooch. In the video, Mimi plays some sad and luded-up showgirl who gets extra weepy when she sees her man with another showgirl. Instead of pulling a Nomi Malone and pushing her rival down the stairs, Mimi drives some car out into the desert and farts on it. Yeah, I don't get it either. And now I need some extra extra extra strong Sanka.

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    Mariah just wont give it up will she.
    The song is called 'I Stay In Love'. I've liked it for awhile.

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