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Thread: Lindsay Lohan’s new album: Amazing?

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    Default Lindsay Lohan’s new album: Amazing?

    While everyone has been busy talking about all the trouble she’s been in during the past year, Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the studio, recording an album that she hopes will silence all of her critics.
    And according to FOX News, she may have just the recipe to make a tasty aural treat. After all, her recent shift to the Motown record label alone has added some credibility to her third major label outing.

    Reportedly, LiLo is being joined in the studio by some pretty impressive names. Guys like Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, and Timbaland are being paid big bucks to help insure the “Mean Girls” actress pulls off a major hit or two.
    There’s still not a definite release date on the project, but rest assured that if Motown is putting all kinds of money into the production of the record, they’ll surely throw some cash into the promotion of it as well.

    Lindsay Lohan is reportedly working on her new album alongside Snoop Dogg
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    Somehow I doubt it.

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    This'll be about as hot as ScarJo's trainwreck
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    I just don't get why they these supposed actresses think because they are 'current' they can sing no matter who is backing them. First off they don't write their own music, and they don't arrange it and third use tricks of background singers and sounds to make it sound psuedo audible. Musicians are borne with it in their blood from a young age and don't do it because it's something they want to try. Shame that REALLY talented people don't get these opportunities.
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