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Thread: Metallica consider online album

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    Default Metallica consider online album

    Heavy metal rockers METALLICA are considering following in the footsteps of RADIOHEAD and releasing their music online.

    The Whiskey In The Jar hitmakers are set to release their highly anticipated ninth studio album later this year (08), marking the end of their record deal with Warners.

    And the bandmembers admit they are not looking for a traditional album deal they want to be able to keep up with the digital age for all of their future releases.

    Drummer Lars Ulrich reveals the band has been inspired by other artists who have embraced music sales via the web - and they are thinking of following suit.

    He says, "We’re looking at how we can embrace everything. We want to be as free players as possible.

    "We’ve been observing Radiohead and Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) and in 27 years or however long it takes for the next record, we’ll be looking forward to everything in terms of possibilities with the internet."

    Radiohead sparked controversy when they released their latest album In Rainbows as a download only LP last year (07), allowing fans to name their own price for the recording.

    Nine Inch Nails also released a digital album, making their instrumental LP Ghosts I-IV available through their official website last month (Mar08).

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    LOL, if they had embraced the digital age when it burst onto the scene instead of trying to shut down the most popular venue (Napster) they might even still be relevant nowadays. They lost a few fans when they pulled that stunt, including yours truly.

    It would be great justice for all if their online album tanked.

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