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Thread: Can anyone tell me WTF's going on with Platinum Weird???

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    Default Can anyone tell me WTF's going on with Platinum Weird???

    I doubt anyone knows who this band is, but they started in 2006 and were about to release an album in 2007 and then all of a sudden... they vanished...
    Any help would be great, I've just been waiting over and over again and I'm sick of this!!

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    Default WTF with Platinum Weird

    Platinum Weird is pretty much dead.

    They have two albums, though. One is called 'Make Believe' and it was sold as a "reissue" of an album from 1970. (Dave Stewart and Jimmy Iovine decided to promote the band by pretending that Dave had originally formed it in 1970 with a girl named Erin Grace, and that they had recorded an awesome album but the band broke up because Erin disappeared.) In reality, it was recorded in 2006/2007 -- they went back and recorded all the Platinum Weird songs in '70s style, with Kara DioGuardi providing the voice of the fictional singer Erin Grace.

    Then there is 'Platinum Weird,' the album that they were originally supposed to release. It's the modern album with Kara DioGuardi singing as herself. It was packaged as a bonus disc on a Best Buy special edition of 'Make Believe,' and you might be able to find a copy of it online. It's also streaming at the Platinum Weird MySpace (4 songs are on the MySpace player, and then scroll down for links to the rest). It is fucking awesome, and it kills me that they didn't just release it and tour the way they were supposed to. You can also find a couple of PW videos on this random YouTube channel. (Check the posted videos AND the favorites.)

    One of their songs, "Taking Chances," was re-recorded by Celine Dion and was the first single off her latest album. Kara sometimes posts new tracks on her MySpace (there's one up now, but look around for others -- she had her demo of Faith Hill's "Lost" and an awesome song called "Heart Like Mine" up there originally). Dave formed a new band called Rock Fabulous and is now touring with them, and recording a solo album. (Tracks are up on his MySpace.)

    Feel free to PM me if you need help finding anything. I'm a big PW/Kara fan and I'm always digging stuff up.

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