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Thread: Britney Spears gets animated for new video

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    Default Want to see the stand in for Britney Spears' new video?

    That Bitch Looks Nothing Like Her

    Britney Spears next video "Break the Ice" will star an anime character that looks nothing like her. The Sun has screen shots of Brit as a tall and thin superhero in a futuristic world. The idea to do a cartoon video came from the head of Britney herself. I'm sure it did. Brit was probably babbling in crazy talk about all the things she wanted in the video. She wanted dancing cheetos, a Frapp fountain and hundreds of dancing Adnans. That's when the label decided, "Um...we're going to do a cartoon video. Yeah."
    If you're going to do a cartoon video then do it right! They should have paid tribute to a fellow crazy, Paula Abdul, and done a knock-off of the Opposite Attract video. Instead of Paula Abdul and MC Scat Kat, it could've been Brit and Chester the Cheetah. Stupidos!
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    The producers are probably tired of her never showing up when she's supposed to, and being uncooperative when she does, and think this will be the easier option. The anime character will most likely do a better job as well.

    Kind of sad when a cartoon figure has more talent than you!

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    At least we'll be able to watch this video without vomiting!

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    Britters wishes she looked as good as a cartoon character

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    it could've been Brit and Chester the Cheetah

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    Default Britney Spears gets animated for new video

    Britney Spears is animated in her newest video literally!

    Screen shots from the pop star's upcoming single "Break the Ice" show anime Spears as a futuristic, bodysuit-clad superhero as well as a building named "Victory."

    According to the U.K.'s The Sun, the cartoon treatment was Spears's idea and based on her steamy "Toxic" clip.

    FIRST LOOK: Britney Animated for New Video - Music News, Britney Spears :

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    She looks like a deranged anime villainess with fetal alcohol syndrome.
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    Her perky tits give the game away

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