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Thread: Hocus Pocus! It's Focus!

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    Default Hocus Pocus! It's Focus!

    I go trawling around the internet while I'm suppin' my ale, and I found this rare Focus video from 1973:

    YouTube - Focus- Hocus Pocus (live '73)

    Very entertaining!

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    lol! thijs van leer... my dad was a focus fan and i grew up listening to that stuff. i remember the yodeling used to make me giggle. they're a bit too psychedelic prog rock for my tastes (though i guess some pink floyd falls into that category and i love them) but it's part of the music that makes me nostalgic for my childhood and my dad - focus, led zep, the stones, the doors, certain billy joel songs and vinicius de moraes and pretty much all the 60s bossa nova classics.
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