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Thread: Sneak peak of Britney Spears' new music video for "Piece of Me"

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    Default Sneak peak of Britney Spears' new music video for "Piece of Me"

    Besieged day and night by photographers, Britney Spears goes from hunted to hunter in her music video for the single "Piece of Me." The 26-year-old pop star turns the tables on her tormenters in this clip, which was shot the week of Nov. 26.

    Spears's fans still have a chance to make their own "Piece of Me" videos. Using footage supplied by MTV, amateur directors have until Friday to submit their own videos to the Britney Spears Wants a Piece of You contest.

    Footage from the video is also airing Friday on ABC's 20/20

    Click on the link to watch the video -SNEAK PEEK: Britney's New Music Video - Britney Spears :

    Well.....its a slight upgrade from the trashy "Gimme More" video
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    My God. She looked pretty good. I wonder how long it took to clean her up and what kind of drugs they used to do that!

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