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Thread: Ashlee Simpson's 'Outta My Head' song premiere

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    Default Ashlee Simpson's 'Outta My Head' song premiere

    I just found this today.
    Just curious to see what everyone thought
    Like it or not?

    Ashlee Simpson, 'Outta My Head' - Song Premiere
    Artist: Ashlee Simpson
    Song: 'Outta My Head'
    Why You Should Listen: The former pop-punk princess calls her forthcoming third CD "a fun party album ... silly and quirky, like my friends and I can be sometimes. It's a record in which I'm saying, 'I am woman and I won't take anyone's s---.'"

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    'I am woman and I won't take anyone's s---.'"
    And I'm a man and a lover of music and I won't take any of your shit either Ashlee. Specifically your crappy music!

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    ^^ Pssst! I don't think she can hear you!

    I like quite a few Ashlee Simpson songs, usually the sad ones, but this new "dance" album sounds just like Hilary Duff's Dignity. CRAP!!

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