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Thread: Plasticines - Loser (translation)

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    Default Plasticines - Loser (translation)

    Hello french music fans!

    Since all I can say in French is "omelette du fromage", I really can't figure out what this brilliant song is about! So I was wondering if anyone here is able to speak French and perhaps could translate it for me? That would be SO SO SO amazing

    Here are the lyrics:

    The Plasticines - Loser Lyrics


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    There you go. Hope the formatting isnt' too confusing. Mind you, I'm not a native speaker of English or French and didn't have time to research some things but I'm pretty sure that's what it says:

    Chaque fois que tu m'apelles /Every time you call me
    Je ne réponds pas, je ne réponds pas et/I don't respond, I don't respond and
    Chaque fois que tu me vois Every time you see me
    Je ne te vois pas, je ne te vois pas I don't see you, I don't see you

    Tu n'est qu'un looo, tu n'est qu'un looo-ser /You're nothing but a loser
    Oh !tu n'est qu'un looo, tu n'est qu'un looo-ser /Oh, you're nothing but a loser
    Méfies-toi looser, trop d'arogance en toi looser/ Beware loser, you're too arrogant loser
    Tu te méfies comme un roi looser, sa ne m'interresse/You are aware as much as a king*, loser, I'm not interested
    Prends garde à toi, prends garde à toi ! Be careful, be careful!
    Chaque fois que tu me cherches/Every time you come to get me
    Je ne suis pas là, je ne suis pas là et/I'm not there, I'm not there and
    Chaque fois tu n'y arrive pas/And every time you don't manage it
    Je ne comprend pas, je ne comprend pas/I don't understand, I don't understand

    Repeat chorus

    Chaque fois que tu m'attrapes Every time you catch me
    Je me débat, je me débat et I struggle, I struggle and
    Chaque fois je ne viens pas Every time I don't come
    Tu ne comprends pas, tu ne comprends pas You don't understand, you don't understand
    Tu n'est qu'un looo, tu n'est qu'un looo-ser

    *Doesn't make much sense here, might be some expression I've never heard of

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