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Thread: The View 2/27: Von Smith, YouTube singer

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    Default The View 2/27: Von Smith, YouTube singer

    Wow, this kid is amazing. He sand "And I am Telling You" at the end of The View today. He mentioned something about a performance for a charity but I didn't catch all of it (phone rang). Apparently Rosie's kids discovered this guy on YouTube or something, and she decided to have him on the show.

    YouTube - "And I Am Telling You"- Dreamgirls- Von Smith

    I don't know about the above performance, but on The View he was incredible. He would go far on AI, and probably win. Maybe someone will post The View performance soon on YouTube.

    His myspace has great songs on it too (Just The Way You Are and Summertime). No American Idol for this guy, he's the real deal and should bypass it. He's a jazz singer. (Link located on the YouTube page.)
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