"Beyonce has revealed details of her highly anticipated duet with Shakira.
Talking to MTV, the 'Deja Vu' diva said she loved every minute of working with the swivel-hipped star on their new track, 'Beautiful Liar'. "Iíve always loved her and Iíve always wanted to work with her and the song fits perfectly," she said. "It basically talks about two women; the same guy is trying to get at both of them but instead of them fighting, theyíre saying, ĎHeís a beautiful liar, letís not fight, letís stick together Ė forget him!í I think itís a great concept. The track will feature on the re-issued version of Beyonce's latest album, 'B'Day'.

The singer also revealed she's recorded brand new promos for five of the tracks on the long-player - which could see all those fans incensed by her Deja Vu video (they didn't like Bey's dance routines, costumes or the flashing imagery!) finally placated with an easier-on-the-eye offering.
Bey said, "(The reissue) is a dual disc Ė thereís music on one disc and videos on the DVD.

"Iím doing five new videos so Iíll have a video for every song and Iím actually starting on those videos (this week) and doing them all in seven days which is really crazy. I think itís a great concept because people can see my interpretations of the songs when they were written." The busy lady, in the UK last night (January 21) for the premier of her Oscar-tipped new flick Dreamgirls, is also in preparations for her B'Day world tour which kicks off on April 30 in Frankfurt. And it's going to be a totally girl power event by all accounts.

"This tour is exciting as I have an all-female band," she explained. "I held worldwide auditions and women from all around the world came to five different cities. I narrowed thousands of women down to ten and didnít go through agencies because I know there are lots of people who donít have agents. "It took a lot of time but I found the most incredible women. I start rehearsing in three weeks and Iím so in love with performing. I love going on tour and seeing fans weíve had for almost 10 years."

We can't wait...