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    Default Nada Surf

    Anyone else heard their new cd? I've only heard the single "Do It Again" and I actually kind of like it. I was just surprised to hear anything by them since the last hit that they had was back in '96 with the song "Popular" (I actually really love that
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    haven't heard the new album... maybe i should dl a couple of songs, see if it makes me nostalgic
    i used to really like them back in my teenage years. funny, i never really heard anything of theirs after that, even though i still listen to blur, pavement, divine comedy, and some other bands that i was into at the same time. i guess some bands sort of 'disappear' that way...

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    haven't heard the new cd but i am thinking of going to their concert next week. i've seen them play, (was it last year or the year before? i think 2003) and they were pretty good.

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