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Thread: Queen album Britain's best-selling of all time

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    Default Queen album Britain's best-selling of all time

    Queen album named Britain's best-selling

    LONDON - Their over-the-top rock may not win the critical acclaim given The Beatles or the Rolling Stones, but Queen can claim Britain's best-selling album of all time. The Official U.K. Charts Company said Thursday that Queen's "Greatest Hits" had sold more than 5.4 million copies in Britain since its release in 1981, more than any other record.

    The band, fronted by the late Freddie Mercury, is famous for overblown hits including "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Will Rock You."

    Queen's follow-up "Greatest Hits II" is the seventh best-selling album in Britain, according to the list.

    The Beatles' 1967 album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was second, selling 4.8 million copies, followed by Oasis' 1995 disc "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" with 4.3 million.

    Albums by Dire Straits, ABBA, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and Madonna are also in the top 10 of the list, compiled by checking more than a half-century of sales figures.

    The list proves critical kudos do not always translate into sales. Some of the most revered acts of the last half-century — including Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols — do not have an album in the top 100.

    Boy band member turned solo showman Robbie Williams has six, while Oasis, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion have three each.

    The Top 10:

    1. "Greatest Hits," Queen, 5,407,587

    2. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles, 4,811,996

    3. "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" Oasis, 4,314,715

    4. "Brothers In Arms," Dire Straits, 3,956,704

    5. "Gold," Abba, 3,943,950

    6. "The Dark Side Of The Moon," Pink Floyd, 3,781,993

    7. "Greatest Hits II," Queen, 3,644,619

    8. "Thriller," Michael Jackson, 3,578,107

    9. "Bad," Michael Jackson, 3,554,301

    10. "The Immaculate Collection," Madonna, 3,402,160
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    Well, it could be worse, could have been the Spice Girls or some shit like that.

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    um, what's with this "overblown" business...

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    Yes! Freddy was the greatest!

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