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Thread: Sound Engineer Exacts EDM Revenge on Hardcore Band That Refused To Pay

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    Default Sound Engineer Exacts EDM Revenge on Hardcore Band That Refused To Pay


    Sound Engineer Exacts EDM Revenge on Hardcore Band That Refused to Pay

    Sound Engineer Exacts EDM Revenge on Hardcore Band That Refused To Pay

    When members of the excruciatingly derivative metalcore band Altitudes stiffed their sound engineer after several long weeks of studio work, he didn't get mad — he got out his music production equipment and gave their single the EDM remix it deserved.

    "Ever wonder what happens to bands videos or music when they decide they don't want to pay the engineer for his time he spent?" Asks Dan of Dan's Lab Studios. "Well hopefully this video answers that question."

    After seeing his song blow up, Altitudes vocalist Alexander Ruiz showed up in the comment section to express his disbelief that "dan our engineer [would] do something like this to us," and attempt to defend the band's decision to skip out on the check.
    Basically we just weren't financially stable at the time but we WERE planning on paying him back. after seeing this its crazy because we never thought he would act in such a way. Were not sorry because our intentions werent to let his hardwork go un paid for. Thats all I have to say. Thank you to the ones who care!

    As many other commenters noted, Ruiz and his bandmates should probably thank Dan for earning them some priceless exposure with a vastly improved song.
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    Worse than the song was the monstrously FUGLY bloke yelling into the microphone. Needs a facial cleanser for oily skin, stat! Ewww.
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    Ohmygod. My ears. That kid needs to look into another career path.

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