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Thread: Brian May of Queen Writes Astronomy Thesis

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    Default Brian May of Queen Writes Astronomy Thesis

    Queen Guitarist Writes Astronomy Thesis

    Queen guitarist Brian May is taking his love of astronomy to new heights - he's writing a thesis. Unlike many celebrities who receive honorary doctorates from universities without putting in the work, May is currently writing the lengthy essay and may submit it to Imperial College London.
    Science writer Marcus Chown says, "I don't know great details, but Brian mentioned that he was returning to the thesis when we appeared on a radio show together. He's a very good astronomer, and was kind enough to read my latest book in manuscript form before it came out. It concerns the way that light reflects from dust shed by asteroids. In the past 10 years, this has become very fashionable again."

    Wow, good for him! I'm always impressed when celebrities aren't idiots!

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    Default Re: Brian May of Queen Writes Astronomy Thesis

    Good for him, though if astronomy is anything like astrophysics it's just a lot of memorization...

    But I hate these "honourary" degrees, they're such BS!

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