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Thread: Radiohead stage collapses in Toronto

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    Default Radiohead stage collapses in Toronto

    Massive stage collapse at Radiohead concert kills the band's British drum technician, 33, and leaves one seriously injured

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    PUBLISHED: 22:13, 16 June 2012 | UPDATED: 17:56, 17 June 2012

    A massive stage has collapsed during preparations for a Radiohead concert in Toronto killing the band's 33-year-old drum technician and critically injuring another man.
    Scott Johnson, from Doncaster, south Yorkshire died when the top portion of the stage fell in on him as he was setting up for the show at Downsview Park.
    An employee at the park said that the band themselves had been due to arrive on stage for final preparations for their appearance at the North by North East music festival just before the collapse.

    The collapsed stage at Downsview Park in Toronto which killed one person and injured three others ahead of a Radiohead concert

    Emergency crews were called to the large park in the northwest of Toronto after the stage came down just after 4 p.m.

    One person was killed when a stage being prepared for a Radiohead concert in Toronto collapsed

    'Apparently the band was supposed to practice just before [the collapse],' said Lindsey Bradbury, an employee at concession firm Handpicked management.
    Radiohead were not on stage at the time of the incident.

    Fire crews have declared the scene a dangerous zone and officials from the Ministry of Labour in the city have been called to investigate.
    The deputy commander of Toronto's emergency medical services (EMS) confirmed that one person was pronounced dead at the scene when the stage collapsed at 4 p.m.

    Ian McClelland told reporters at the Globe and Mail that another person was taken to Sunnybrooke hospital with serious injuries and two others were treated for minor injuries at the scene and released.

    This aerial view shows the collapsed concert stage at Downsview Park in Toronto

    A view of the collapsed stage at Downsview Park in Toronto, Canada which has killed one individual and injured three others

    A before and after shot of the stage at Downsview Park which collapsed in good weather today

    He added that initial investigations had indicated that the collapse occurred when stage equipment was being erected and there was 'some kind of failure.'
    Toronto Police Service Constable Harrison Ford told Channel 3000 that the weather was good at the time, with no storm or significant winds.
    'From what I understand the piping which makes up the roof structure where lights and what not are supported collapsed down and there was workers setting up the stage at the time,' Toronto Fire Services Captain Mike Strapko told CP24.
    One witness waiting to enter the park described what he witnessed to CP24.

    'I was at the front of the line looking towards the stage and I saw the scaffolding around the stage collapsing in on itself and heard the sound of metal hitting metal and within five seconds it was over,' said Mark Salemi.
    'It didn't look like that much at first, but slowly I started to hear over Twitter and things like that how serious it was.'

    People read a sign informing of the cancellation of a Radiohead concert after a stage collapsed at Downsview Park in Toronto on Saturday

    Radiohead took to Twitter to confirm that their concert had been cancelled

    Emergency crews arrived promptly at the scene

    Irene Constantin, who was also working at the beer tent, said the imploded stage 'looked like toothpicks' and compared the sound of it crumbling to exploding fireworks when she spoke to the Toronto Star

    'Everybody was in place; everything was ready to go,Ē said beer tent worker Alexandra Halbert.
    'We were all just standing there waiting.
    'I had my back to the stage when I started hearing the popping. It sounded exactly like fireworks.

    'I thought maybe they were practicing their pyro.

    'So we all just turned around and the entire top of the stage had already collapsed as well as some of the side scaffolding.
    'There were some members of the crew on the stage.'
    'Itís a beautiful dry sunny day and itís literally just a light breeze.

    'Nothing to cause the stage to collapse in my opinion.'

    Security at Downsview Park ordered everyone to leave the park, telling staff and ticket holders there had been an emergency.

    The stage was set up in the north-west corner of the large park, which is located in the north end of Toronto and have suggested that a number of fans were already in the park.
    The band took to Twitter just after 5 p.m. announce that 'Due to unf

    oreseen circumstances tonight's at Downsview Park tonight has been cancelled. Fans are advised not to make their way to the venue.' A stage intended for a Radiohead concert is collapsed at Downsview Park in Toronto

    The stage collapsed during a sound-check

    Downsview Park has tweeted that the concert is cancelled. Gates had been scheduled to open at 5 p.m.

    Fans stream into the subway station at Downsview Park after the Radiohead concert was cancelled

    The concert was sold-out and eagerly anticipated

    They had been due to take to the stage to perform at 9.30 p.m.

    Witnesses at the scene took to Twitter to report that dozens of ambulances had been called to the park.
    It is unclear what caused the collapse today, which was supposed to mark the 15th anniversary of the release of Radiohead's classic 'OK Computer' album.

    The 572 acre park has seen huge concerts by the Rolling Stones and AC/DC in the past.
    Pope John Paul II visited the former military base in 1984 to conduct an open air mass during his visit to Canada.

    Read more: Radiohead stage collapse kills the band's British drum technician Scott Johnson | Mail Online

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    My friend was at this concert. He did say that the people in attendance seemed far more concerned with the death and injuries than with the cancellation, and didn't make asshats out of themselves.
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    - Kahlil Gibran

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