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Thread: Watch the Throne tour opens in Europe

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    Default Watch the Throne tour opens in Europe

    Jay-Z and Kanye West keep everyone out of their seats at Watch The Throne tour opener

    By Donna Mcconnell

    PUBLISHED: 11:33, 19 May 2012 | UPDATED: 13:52, 19 May 2012
    One could be forgiven for thinking that Kanye West was in London solely as the latest bit of arm-candy for reality star starlet Kim Kardashian.

    Having been seen moodily trailing behind her during the curvaceous one’s whistlestop promotional tour in the capital, the real reason for his arrival became clear last night.

    Kanye joined rap superstar Jay-Z onstage at the opening night of the European premiere of their Watch The Throne tour - which accompanies the album of the same name they released last year.

    Pleasing the crowd: Kanye West and Jay-Z kick off the European leg of their Watch The Throne tour at London's O2 Arena

    On a stripped down stage, they first appeared opposite each other on platforms which rose in the air as they performed numbers Otis, Who Gon' Stop, and The Illest M*********** Alive.

    Giant video screens acted as a backdrop, with majestic footage of wild animals, and film montages including a disturbing image of a child dressed in full KKK regalia.
    But aside from those distractions and some stunning onstage pyrotechnics, the focus was purely on the two entertainers who provided a flawless live performance of their album, and individually some of their greatest hits.

    Not alone: Kayne has been accompanying his girlfriend Kim Kardashian in London but last night it was his turn to shine

    Designer loving Kanye, 34, complete with leather skirt over his favourite leather jeans ran through favourites from his debut album College Dropout, to more recent hits such as Power,

    Runaway, All The Lights, and Blood Diamonds. While rap veteran Jay-Z, 42, had plenty to choose from his back catalogue performing Hard Knock

    Life, Big Pimpin', Dirt On Ya Shoulder, 99 Problems and Empire State of State to name a few.

    But it was their performances together that really rallied the sold out crowd which included probably Jay-Z's youngest fan Gwyneth Paltrow's son Moses, who was was seen holding up the Roc Diamond sign about 30 minutes before 'Uncle Jay' came on stage.

    Keeping it personal: Jay-Z gave a shout out 'to all the fathers taking care of their kids'

    More to come: The pair will perform in London for another four nights and then head to Manchester and Birmingham

    JLS, and Rochelle from The Saturdays also danced from their vantage points in the O2 boxes.

    A poignant performance on New Day ended with a shout out to 'all the fathers taking care of their kids' as Jay-Z, a new dad to daughter Blue, with singer wife Beyonce, vowed to be the father he never had to his children.

    The rappers kept everyone on their feet for almost two hours, and ended with a roof-raising rendition of N***** In Paris, delighting the packed O2 Arena with four encores.

    Kanye and Jay-Z will perform four more nights at the O2 Arena before moving on to Manchester and Birmingham.

    Famous fans: Gwyneth Paltrow and Rochelle Wiseman (R) arrive at the concert

    Read more: Jay-Z and Kanye West keep everyone out of their seats at Watch The Throne tour opener | Mail Online

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    Blue Ivy aged 20 years and was in attendance as well, I see
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    Hahaha that's weird actually! I think I'd quite like to go to this, I like the Watch the Throne cd, it's pretty good.
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on

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