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    Exclamation Vince Kidd

    i really like this vince kidd guy thats on the voice uk:

    [YOUTUBE]Vince Kidd - Taboo - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE]Vince Kidd performs 'Like a Virgin' - The Voice UK - Blind Auditions 2 - BBC One - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE]Vince Kidd performs 'Like a Virgin' - The Voice UK - Blind Auditions 2 - BBC One - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE]Smother Me (Live Acoustic) Vince Kidd - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]

    I find this really good!

    [YOUTUBE]SB.TV - Vince Kidd - "You and Me" - Live Performance - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]

    how on earth i get them videos showin proper??
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    Fucking awesome voice! I like him a lot. But due to the fact that I'm out of touch with much of current music, it seems to me that this Vince kid is posturing and imitating through most of his songs, rather than singing from the heart (so to speak.) Yeah, this is where all music lives now. Everyone is mimicking and posing. But with a voice like that, Vince could do it 4Realz.
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