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Thread: The Divine Comedy-Milla Jovovich

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    Default The Divine Comedy-Milla Jovovich

    This album was Milla's first cd. I really like her music. Has anyone else listened to this cd before also?

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    Default Re: The Divine Comedy-Milla Jovovich

    Ive never heard her music. But i think she did some stuff with John Frusciante fo the Chili Peppers which i'd love to hear, cuz i love him.

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    Default Re: The Divine Comedy-Milla Jovovich

    Despite the whole critics she had on her Music ...IMO its really Graet Music im not being subjective or anything, Millas music is like a mix between traditional and euh...great music lol

    she has her own path not going with the flow to market demand ( damn bad english )
    SHE ROCK!!! should also hear Mezinka and Shein Vidi l'Vone her music on Dummy movie

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    Default Re: The Divine Comedy-Milla Jovovich

    Yes her music is great! I am one who likes death metal and i LOVE her music. She has such a beautiful & soothing voice

    A new era has begun, the world is falling. And darkness triumphs, the emperor has made his call
    And now the time has come for us to dread his warning. The terror will reign death upon us all

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