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Thread: Any Music Festival goers out there?

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    Default Any Music Festival goers out there?

    I recently just bought a ticket to my 4th Bonnaroo this year and am getting so excited. There is nothing better than camping for a few days, listening to great music, and meeting the most interesting walks of life out there.

    Note: No I'm not one of those dirty hippies, but I do love the smell of patchouli in the morning.

    I'll share some of my favorite 'Roo moments...
    2004: Seeing Bob Dylan perform as the sun was setting. This was before the crowd got too big so we were able to park our blanket 20 ft in front of the stage and just take it all in.

    2008: Depending on where your camp is, it can be a long walk to the music area. I was by myself late at night after I put my 'Roo-mate to bed. This old Deadhead driving the taxi golf carts comes up to me and says that he will give me a ride to the stages because it is not safe for a young girl to be walking by herself in the melee. So I hopped in and he dropped me off right at the front. I offered him money, drinks, party favors but he said that my safety was payment enough. He even gave me his number in case I needed a ride back to my camp later. So sweet! The walk back to camp was hilarious as everyone was bitching about Kanye!

    Oh yeah, also seeing Jack Johnson get on stage with Pearl Jam and rock the eff out! OMG that was a magical moment indeed!

    2009: Seeing Erykah Badu sing "Lodi Dodi" with Snoop! Those were two of the best shows I saw that year.
    -Of course seeing my Beastie Boys was something I'll always remember. They are easily my favorite group so it was a long time coming.

    This year my must see shows will be Radiohead, RHCP, The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, Skillrex, The Roots, and of course my local faves SOJA!!! This will be my 2nd Bonnaroo that Phish is playing, so I will bite the bullet and head down there to check them out too.
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    This may be the first year I can go to Rockin' the Rivers in Three Forks, MT, I'm usually out of town. I may be too old to go the whole 3 days, but it's on my list. I've also been trying to get to FarmAid, but it's never quite worked out. Maybe I'll look to the tamer Red Ant Pants Festival since I won't be able to take my annual summer trip.

    Bet yes, I am a fan, they just rarely work with my schedule.
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    SXSW! It is the awesome. Luckily, I live here so I just took yesterday and today off to go to the day parties and then we'll do the last big night tomorrow. It's an amazing madhouse, with music and free stuff in every single venue and everywhere you turn your head. I like going from club to club, staying or going depending on whether I like what I hear and walking around much better than standing in a field in a fixed place. I think I'm just too old and have too short an attention span now for the outdoor type festivals. There are literally thousands of bands playing here.
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    I went to (I think) 5 Bonnaroos. The first one in 2002 was such a damn free-for-all, I just wandered around with my mouth hanging open the whole time. I'm too old to be out in the Tennessee heat these days (and too broke for an RV) so I doubt I'll be back, but it was always a great time.

    The last few years, we've done the Wanee festival in northern Florida. The music park is beautiful with plenty of shade, and the lineup isn't so huge that you miss more music than you can see. LAX - SOJA was there this year (I was over at the other stage and missed it, but I hope they come back so I can check them out next time).

    I usually hit a couple of smaller local festivals if I can. One of these years, I am going to make it out west for High Sierra - I have heard nothing but rave reviews about that one.

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    I usually do the smaller local festivals, but this year I'll be heading to Bonaroo. I'm pretty pumped. I get to follow it up with a weekend in Chicago with Steve Martin and his band....then a few weeks later is our local SoundTown Fest. All of this coming off the back of the Midwest Music Festival in Minnesota.
    Yay for summer!
    I love catching great live, original music. I try to get to at least one show a month. Next week is great in that I get to see the Black Keys for the fourth those dudes!!

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    New Orleans Jazz Festival is pretty great. My fav thing there is the gospel choirs! If ever you get the chance...
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