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Thread: Keith Richard interviews

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    Default Keith Richard interviews

    While enjoying my final day/evening of sipping me suds, I happened across a ton of videos featuring Keith Richards and some of the other 'boys'.

    It's really interesting, because no matter how high/intoxicated Keef might be, he does seem to tell the truth.

    Keef on drug use

    Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Keef discuss the late Brian Jones. There are tons more videos featuring Keef where he expounds on a variety of subjects, such as his opinion about Led Zeppelin. Keef doesn't like Led Zeppelin.

    I always did.

    He does however give in and say that Jimmy Page is a brilliant guitarist and is, in fact, Led Zeppelin.

    Now I am tending to believe the story on FAD, that Jones was murdered.

    What is his biggest mistake?

    It was an "unfortunate accident"; man, do I love that! I'm going to borrow that and use it myself!

    No longer do I have to explain myself or the things that I do -- I'm either an "unfortunate accident" or something that I do/did is! It's brilliant!

    Think of the money I'll save on therapy!

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    Love keef.
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