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    Ok, I don't know if this is the right spot but anyhow, there's a little clip on google video of a dog and a hippo dancing and singing to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". My son is obsessed with it (and that stupid Axel F-Crazy Frog). Does anyone know who made it, if there's more, we need it...
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    More frog

    Dancing hippo and dog made by Pixar. Downloadable here:

    I should add that some of the other videos on the paddysworld site are not for young kids. You will want to preview anything else. I had to get these a while ago for my seven year old nephew who thinks that the frog is just the greatest thing ever. Jurassic fart ought to go over well also.

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    The frog link isn't working, hmmm. Anyway, I usually screen everything before I show the little guy, he likes to repeat. I've downloaded them from google but it's not enough for him!

    Are they things that Pixar are working on or was somebody just bored?
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