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Thread: Favorite Un-Discovered/Barely-Discovered Artists

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    Smile Favorite Un-Discovered/Barely-Discovered Artists

    I'm a total music nerd for new, original artists. I have several friends in bands and have been introduced to so many amazing musicians through them.
    I absolutely loathe 90% of mainstream music and the way that talentless hags get record deals while I have genius-level friends working their asses off just to play fairs and festivals.

    My favorite:
    The SoapBox Project.....these guys are playing every night in the Mid-West, and spend just as much time promoting other artists.
    YouTube - ‪Addiction - Official Music Video‬‏

    Aunt Martha. These guys drip talent. Check them out at Bonaroo, they've been doing awesome covers of artists that are performing at the festival. Every day they're releasing a new cover. I don't usually like covers, but every song is restyled to them, it really works.
    An original: [youtube][/youtube]
    YouTube - ‪Aunt Martha performs Bloodshot on Sonic Bloom's Radio Cafe‬‏

    I've seen both (SoapBox, many, many times) and their live shows are just full of emotion.

    I could continue posting.....but I'll let someone else add to it, too!

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    one less reason

    Team Somerhalder

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