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Thread: Soul Legend Solomon Burke dead at 70

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    Default Soul Legend Solomon Burke dead at 70

    Source: AP News through Yahoo.

    Solomon Burke dies at Amsterdam airport at 70

    AMSTERDAM – Soul singer Solomon Burke, who wrote "Everybody Needs
    Somebody To Love" and recorded the hit "Cry To Me" used in the movie
    "Dirty Dancing," has died at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. He was 70.

    Airport police spokesman Robert van Kapel confirmed the death of the "King
    of Rock and Soul" on Sunday, and referred further questions to his management.

    Dutch national broadcaster NOS said Burke died on a plane early Sunday
    after arriving on a flight from Los Angles. The cause of death was not
    immediately clear.

    Burke, who was both a Grammy winner and a member of the Rock and Roll
    Hall of Fame, had been due to perform at a well-known club in Amsterdam
    on Tuesday.

    A Philadelphia native highly acclaimed by music critics, fellow musicians,
    and many loyal fans, Burke never reached the same level of fame as soul
    performers like James Brown or Marvin Gaye.

    He wrote "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" in 1964 and it was quickly
    recorded by the Rolling Stones and Wilson Pickett, and later and perhaps
    most famously by the Blues Brothers.

    Legendary Atlantic Records producer Jerry Wexler once called Burke, "the
    best soul singer of all time."

    Burke joined Atlantic in 1960 and went on to record a string of hits in a
    decade with the label.

    According to his website, Burke was born March 21, 1940, "to the sounds
    of horns and bass drums" at the United Praying Band The House of God for
    All People in West Philly.

    "From day one, literally God and gospel were the driving forces behind the
    man and his music," his website said.

    Burke was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and won a
    Grammy a year later.

    Those honors sparked a renewed interest in the singer and he toured
    extensively around the world in recent years.

    Burke and his band would play without set lists, instead performing
    whatever the audience wanted to hear.

    "It's like turning back the hands of time instantly," he said on his website.
    "We can be in the middle of singing something from my recent 'Like A Fire'
    album, and they'll call out 'Stupidity' from 1957 and we're back 50 years!"

    Burke combined his singing with the role of preacher and patriarch of a
    huge family of 21 children, 90 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.

    "Loving people," he said at a recent performance in London, "is what I do."

    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

    ***** celeb

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    Some great voices in music are passing on mighty quick for some reason. It is weird.

    Dame Joan Sutherland passed recently.

    So, according to the "celeb deaths come in threes theory" I hope that Rene Flemming and Aretha Franklin are doing alright.

    This man was pure soul.


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