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    I happened upon this video when I asked a friend of mine:

    "What is the worst song of all time?"

    He replied back "Anything by BrokeNCYDE."

    Just want to get all of your opinions on the "band," so here's their "Freaxxx" music video.

    PS: They are for real. Brokencyde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    What am I doing in this handbasket?


    From the Wikpedia page: " contributor Michael Swaim said the band sounded like "a Slipknot-Cher duet"."

    More like the bastard offspirng of a polygamous relationship between the Cookie Monster, a broken Auto-Tune box, and a vintage 1980 Casio calculator/keyboard, after hitting itself in the head repeatedly with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, causing massive brain damage . Those dipshits actually have a recording contract?

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